Quetext is a free plagiarism detection service. We approach the problem of plagiarism in a unique way by implementing a proprietary language processing algorithm that intelligently recognizes likely instances of plagiarism within a document.

Our View On Plagiarism

We view plagiarism as an intentional theft of another person's unique idea. Instances of plagiarism are often very subtle and cleverly disguised, which makes it incredibly difficult for a computer to determine what constitutes plagiarism.

How We're Different

We use Natural Language Processing and Machine learning algorithms to detect plagiarism like no one else. Our goal is to detect plagiarism that would otherwise go unnoticed by human inspection. The Quetext plagiarism detection software considers every possible factor of every word in your text (and even words that are not in your text, like common synonyms), and calculates a vast network of interrelated probabilities which gives a statistically significant set of results.