Reasons for a false-positive match

A false positive match is a sentence that was underlined in your report (a match) that is original content, that was erroneously labelled as a match. A false-positive match may occur for one of the following reasons.

1. Your text happens to be similar to another sentence by chance

It is possible that the text you wrote just happens to be similar to text elsewhere, so the sentence was marked as a match. If you searched with DeepSearch turned on, then the minimum similarity score to be labelled as a match is 75%.

2. You re-worded a piece of text, and we found the original source text

If you took a sentence from a source and changed some words around, Quetext is capable of finding the original source depending on how much the sentence was changed. DeepSearch will consider a match to be a piece of text at least 75% similar to your text.

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