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DeepSearch™ technology

With contextual analysis, word placement, and our smart algorithms, checking your writing has never been easier

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Our software pairs speed with the accuracy of DeepSearch™ technology

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The #1 Tool for Detecting Plagiarism and AI

We’ve helped more than 5 million students, teachers, and professionals identify potential plagiarism in their work. Now offering AI Content Detection!

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Enhanced Citation Generator

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Deep Search

Rich & Intuitive Feedback.

Detect plagiarism and AI with less stress with a click of a button and an easy, immersive experience.

ColorGrade™ Feedback

Easily spot exact plagiarism, AI and annotation exact matches vs. near-exact or ‘fuzzy’ matches with corresponding colors.

Interactive Snippet Text

Easily drill-down on your matches side-by-side with our interactive and intuitive snippet text viewer.

Comprehensive Scoring

Our comprehensive scoring for plagiarism and AI is backed by billions of internet sources.

Plagiarism Report

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Quetext FAQ

Is Quetext reliable?

Quetext is reliable, safe, and extremely effective for verifying original work with ease. Rigorous testing is involved with every update made to the product, and the comprehensive plagiarism score users receive is backed by billions of internet sources. Students, teachers, and content writers alike rely on Quetext for fast and accurate verification.

What languages does Quetext support?

Quetext currently supports the following languages:

English (US)
English (Australia)
English (British)
English (Canada)
English (New Zealand)
English (South Africa)
French (Français)
Spanish (Español)
German (Deutsch)
Italian (Italiana)
Portuguese (Portuguesa)
Polish (Polski)
Romanian (Romana)
Dutch (Nederlands)

How effective is Quetext?

Quetext is extremely effective for writers who need to verify their content's originality. Not only does the plagiarism checker quickly and accurately identify any and all instances of plagiarized writing, but it also generates citations where necessary, right on the spot. In addition, our AI Content Detector Tool performs detailed, line-by-line analysis, proving our subscribers with the confidence to know the content they check was written by a human. It can be easy to lose track of sources, and Quetext is there to help writers stay on top of them without creating extra work.

What is the pricing for Quetext?

Quetext has several different subscription options, depending on what your needs are. The free plan is a great place to start, as it comes with plagiarism checks on 500 words (1 page), ColorGrade™ feedback, contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring. Now, you can also check 250 words using our new AI detector tool for free! However, starting at just $8.80 per user per month, you get so much more: 100,000 words (200 pages) that can go through the plagiarism checker, DeepSearch™ Extended, Citation Assistant, a downloadable originality report, custom URL exclusion, interactive snippet text, and premium support. You can learn more and get started on our Quetext Pricing page.

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