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DeepSearch Technology

The standard in plagiarism detection by teachers, students, and professionals

Contextual analysis

DeepSearch™ goes beyond simple word matching; taking into account the surrounding context and the statistical likelihood of each word and phrase.

Fuzzy matching

Our algorithms use state-of-the-art natural language processing to detect "fuzzy" matches, where several words have been changed in an attempt to disguise plagiarism.

Conditional scoring

Fuzzy scoring calculates a conditional score, meaning that we not only factor your DeepSearch™ total score, but each match is also weighted individually in the context of the whole.

Not all plagiarism checkers are created equal

Our proprietary technology helps us detect similarities in a way that only Quetext does.


Custom built with state-of-the-art machine learning & grammatical analysis techniques.


Our in-house technology uses innovative algorithms to quickly search across billions of documents, while still maintaining a robust and expansive search.

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Crafted by experts

Don't risk it with those 'free' plagiarism checkers designed solely to mislead you for ad-revenue. Protect your writing with technology designed by people who care!

Our features say it all

We work to provide the most advanced features available to help make preventing plagiarism painless (maybe even enjoyable)!


ColorGrade™ Feedback

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Citation Assistant

Originality Report

Interactive Snippet Text

Source Exclusion

ColorGrade™ enables you to seamlessly engage with your results, and take action

Combined with our Plagiarism Assistant and Interactive Snippet Text, ColorGrade™ helps to make spotting and removing plagiarism intuitive and fast!

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