Our Commitment

Your Property & Privacy Rights

At Quetext, your trust means everything to us. We believe that when you check your work with us, it is your work. Unlike some plagiarism detection software, we make no claim to your work, and we will never store your property in our databases for use after you’ve finished with it. Your privacy and property rights are of the utmost importance and we make it our priority to engineer our products with that in mind. You can read more about our high privacy standards by checking out our Terms of Service.


As an industry-leading developer of plagiarism detection technology, accuracy is at the heart of what we do. Our engineering and quality-assurance processes ensure that every update and release of our proprietary algorithm is thoroughly tested. Try out DeepSearch™ and we think you’ll agree; it’s simply the best.


Our goal is to provide users with the tools necessary to ensure the integrity of their work. Our technology provides engaging feedback that probabilistically alerts users when an important citation opportunity may have been missed, and where to find it. We understand it’s easy to lose sources in the writing process, which is why we’ve made them so simple to recover.