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Quickly check the originality of webpage copy directly from your Google Chrome browser.

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How to get started with the Quetext
Plagiarism Checker Chrome Extension

  1. Visit the Google Chrome store and download the extension.
  2. Log in to Quetext with your regular username and password (or create a new account).
  3. Highlight text on any webpage you visit using Chrome.
  4. Click the Quetext extension icon in your browser bar and Check Plagiarism
  5. Relax while we do the heavy lifting, and identifying duplicate content.
  6. Click the highlighted mistakes to fix them in an instant.
download quetext chrome extension

Check for Plagiarism & More

Fast, accurate plagiarism detection

Whether you highlight a few paragraphs or upload entire documents, you can now check for plagiarism either way using the Quetext Chrome Extension. Our best-in-class plagiarism checker quickly generates a report, identifying any instances of duplicate content, so you can fix it before you submit it.

Quetext uses DeepSearch™ Technology to run your text through three key steps:

  • Contextual Analysis
  • Fuzzy Matching
  • Conditional Scoring

Bulk Uploads + Multiple Users

Scale your productivity with the ability to bulk upload up to 100 documents at a time (check out our different Pricing Plans to find what’s best for you). Additionally, teams can now work together out of the same account with our new Additional Users feature.

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Quetext Plagiarism Checker Chrome Extension FAQ

How do I check for plagiarism in Chrome?

Once you have the Quetext Chrome Extension downloaded (and you’re logged into your account), you have two main options for checking for plagiarism:

  1. Highlight the text you want to scan, then click on the extension icon and click Check Plagiarism. Our tool will automatically generate a report that identifies any plagiarized content. It will even provide recommendations for improvement in these areas!
  2. Rather than highlighting text on a page, you can click the extension icon and choose to Upload Files from your computer instead, and the same process will occur.

Is the Plagiarism Checker Chrome Extension free?

The extension is free to download and free to use for scanning up to 500 words for plagiarism. With a Paid account, you’ll be able to scan up to 500,000 words for plagiarism.

Do I need to create an account to use the Chrome extension?

Yes. You can sign up for a free or Paid account here.

What if I need to use the extension to check more than 500 words?

If you plan to use the tool on a regular basis, you can sign up for a Paid Account here. Choose the plan that works best for your needs!